The Missing App & What Lies Ahead

CameraBag.jpgThe popular app for the iPhone camera is available for the Mac. It retains the same sets of filters & usability, with an extra bonus of multiple filters capability and something called Reprocess, something like a refresh button that does magic, every click will give you a different look, which is great to see what this app can offer to your image when you got stuck; add more filter(s) to your image and even more surprises!

On a quick test, I was able to drag my Canon RAW (.cr2) files to the app, it’s smart enough to detect the embedded jpeg without any unnecessary dialog/warning, and I was toying the image with the app’s filters set with a not-so-polished yet usable & straightforward interface.

click to see the processed photo

portfolio4.jpgCameraBag might be just the first of a new generation of imaging apps to grace the desktop space; one that does just one thing and delivering it with an uppercut instead of multiple & tiring jabs; the desktop imaging space has been anything but bloated, complicated & overpriced, the arrival of such app will open up some new horizon of what can be done and how to do it simple.

I’ve been loading up my ‘serious photographs’ to my iPhone and see what can be done with the league of apps I have equipped myself with, the result was astonishing, way beyond imagination, my iPhone is now my visualizing tool, drawing board & ‘polaroid’ camera to my work, it fills in the gap between the concept and the final result.

One more thing that can be done is transforming this app as a plug-in, this will be my official request to you developers, you’ll be tapping some loyal, brilliant & dedicated creative crowd, and I’ll be the first to line up shall that day come.

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