Chase excellence, success will follow


Someone told me that the secret of life lies within our inner child, that the complexity of our life is just a complication of a simple truth.

For that, nothing is more appropriate than 3 Idiot’s ways of revealing that truth; with a brilliant mix of drop-dead funny comedy, pitch-perfect sound with pixel-perfect picture, the common life story being unfold with an unexpected twist, vibrant characters & a soul-questioning plot on a nicely edited storyline.

To top it all, this did not come from Hollywood, but the homegrown talents of its Indian distant cousin.

This is the break moviegoers are seeking for, the way most parenthood have been missing about and the nature of life most of us are hiding away from. Break free, says the kid. “Be whatever you want to be, become a footballer if you want to!” says the professor.

The movie will be legally released on YouTube (in weeks time), but trust me, you’d want to see this on a big screen, full of people, laughing, crying, clapping, popcorn-spills, cinemaful of idiots watching idiots about the shocking truth of human ego.

3 Idiots: The Trailer, The Talents and The Raves