Island of the Spirits by John Stanmeyer

Island of the Spirits_Regular.jpg

update: link to video & behind-the-scenes gallery added.

Bali, the quintessence of a rich spiritual & cultural community is empirically known throughout her history as the land where people come as tourists, but often leaving as artists. Some of the world’s most well known painters, musicians, photographers — artists — have spent time and at some point of their lives, lived on the island. There’s that quality about Bali that attracts souls of any kind.

John Stanmeyer, a member of the VII photo agency spent five years living there, during which, through the lens of his holga, he captured the enchanting life & spirits of the island’s living, breathing & invisible souls, and produced this exciting new title:

Spirits are everywhere in Bali. Trees, temples, mountains, stones, water appear sacred to the Balinese, all serving as a hand reaching out and into the otherworld of ancestors and gods and the maelstrom of good and evil. […] This body of work stresses the historicity of spiritual life of Bali, consisting of deeply layered imagery that is witnessed, understood and explained in full by few, yet practiced by millions.

The book will come in regular & special limited edition (pricing to be announced) and the first edition is currently wrapping up production in Jakarta where an exclusive behind-the-scene gallery has been published, also up is a short video feature on VII Multimedia.