Snapseed is to editing for which Hipstamatic is to capturing

You might wanna check out the new iPad imaging app from Nik Software, proprietor of the U-Point technology, creator of great plug-ins with funny interfaces for your Aperture, Lightroom and Photoshop.

But Snapseed means business, it combines Nik’s popular & extremely effective zone-style selective processing engine (think: darkening the sky without turning the foreground dark, or lightening the face of your favorite subject without blowing the sky), with Hipstamatic- or Instagram-like imaging effects, and the basics, like auto correction, cropping, framing and sharing like the iPhoto would do, but without the quirky interfaces like its plug-in siblings.

With the rave reviews out there, you might easily find five bucks’ a steal, with one caveat, though, unlike the desktop counterpart, this one doesn’t allow you to zoom-in to your photos to refine your U-point-powered selection, if history is any indication, trust that the Nik guys will eventually offer this feature with future updates, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.