“Behind gifted eyes, is a vision, a gentle whisper from the heart, an artist’s soul. Like the deafening silence in a vibrant dream, every picture tells a story with a different point of view.”

The Shop

PORTFOLIO® was founded in 2005 to house a group of small passionate souls who love to create. In the course of a short few years, we grew from a one-man shop to a network of highly efficient creative team capable of producing large-scale photo production. Ones that carry a genuine voice, a vision from start to end.

We are the photographers, the stylists, the producers and the lightmakers behind the photographic work we publish here.

The Site

Creating goes hand in hand with sharing. Alongside our portfolio, we have a ‘live’ magazine that we call The Journal where we take notes, learn and pass on the knowledge that we use to create our work. Newly added is a section called Features where we publish a monthly, print-quality editorials. Both the Features and the Journal are labors of love. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy producing it.

The Soul

Will is the writer and producer of The Portfolio Journal. He returned to Indonesia in 2002 after nearly a decade living and studying in China and founded PORTFOLIO® in 2005. When he’s not producing work for his clients in Jakarta, he produces architectural photography work in greater Bali area for Daylight.

We’ve been recognized by our peers and clients as a reliable partner who delivers creative, relevant and sophisticated results, and that’s far more rewarding than any prize and awards one can get. If you would like to learn about our past & current projects, and how we can help you deliver a message, .

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