iPhone loves your Canon

The great thing about the iPhone is that it’s a device with many faces. What was perceived as a wrong move when they decided to go Soft-key, they created an important space in the crowded mobile devices: a touchable layer of experience that bridges the missing link between us & a device.

I’ve been wondering when something like this would come up, and I’ve got my answer today. Enter DSLR Remote by onOne.

Personal interaction between a a human and a device is known as ‘User Experience’. Perceivably, there are two layers in which user experiences takes place, first is the physical layer (hardware), second is the binary layer (software). What the iPhone added was a set of sensible layers that enables iPhone to respond intuitively towards the basic rules of human physical interaction. And this is an important layer that often is missing from other technical devices, like a camera.

The idea of interacting with your DSLR via your touch, and series of other iPhone-like behavior, e.g. shake, pinch, tilt, etc–is going to give a lot of new frontiers and creative space for photographers in creating their artwork.

I’m not sure how far onOne will go on this exciting new App, I will have to get myself a new iPhone to give it a try. Here’a picture taken by the Canon EOS 5D Mark II triggered with the DSLR Remote App for iPhone. Stay tuned! Hoops go the shot!

iPhone App from onOne – One onOne with Mike Wong.