The Portfolio Journal is written and produced by Will Wiriawan.

Like a soulful vacation, traveling to a new place means plenty of surprises; for the strangers we meet, the sun, the rain and the rainbow that would render our vacation picture perfect. The journey is uncertain, but one thing is: not knowing how does not mean we do not know where we want to be.

The journey is long, but our time is short; one would hope that this journal can carry on a tradition of sharing, of passions, of dreams, and excellence, to learn and educate this hungry soul.

This is the very purpose of our creative journey: we learn things and pass it on.

What you’ll find here.

This is an ongoing endeavor of discovering and mastering the craft of photography; a discipline that invokes our curious nature on multiple levels, a skill that intertwines with art, science, technology and philosophy.

Beside original writings on said fields, you will also find links, commentaries and quotes about photography, tech, apps, or gears… the things that make photography fun, which also means coffee, music or the neighbor’s dog (they’re still barking as I typed this, for reasons unknown).

On the other hand…

If you are here for PORTFOLIO — the little outlet my photography practice goes by, the bio page can be found here. If you are curious about more geeky stuffs:

To be continued.