Till wed do us life

During the course of my professional career, I have come across many beautiful wedding celebrations. And yet, very few I came across something eloquent and uniquely personal.

Often times, couples get carried away with their illusions & traditions so much that they forget the true essence of a wedding celebration.

Wedding is a celebration

To begin with, it is a celebration, not a one-day group torture get-together for the couple, family members & the guests. Any celebration ending in exhaustion is not justifiable whatsoever! Celebration brings happiness, happiness means joy and joy brings energy!

Wedding as a tradition

Tradition is when something gets public approval and being passed on for the next in line, again and again. It is during this passing that traditions got twisted; meanings get lost, intentions were no longer crisp & clear, thus becoming a burden which in return spoils the merriness and joy of a wedding celebration.

Take the cake for example.

More and more couple settle for a fake huge cake as tall as the eye can see, rather than the home made simple cake that reminds us of our grandmother’s bakes. Cutting the cake symbolizes respect and giving back the love, to the bride/groom, to the parents, and in-laws. But the reality is that it becomes a ‘publicly approved’ necessity whose meanings get lost when huge fake cakes are used–the same cake that dozen of couples have used in the decorator’s previous wedding receptions.

There are certain cultures that facilitate couples bowing down to their parents and in-laws; this is the ultimate respect any children can give in the form of physical surrender, the ultimate respect any parents receive in the form of mental gratitude. Again, families & couples often follow the strict guides of the Master of Ceremony without knowing the essence behind such tradition. In a more modern interpretation, offering the wedding cake is often used to replace the bowing down legacy, and yet one often sees that there are clouds of confusion whenever such event takes place.

Wedding is a commitment to giving

Why do people get married in the first place? To seek eternal love? Till earth do you part? To secure your future? To have a better gene?

In its purest sense, our existence is to give. Nothing in this world you can take unless it is given to you, marriage included. Can you ask for someone’s love but to love them? Can you ask for a life but to ‘give’ birth to one? Wedding is about giving, giving your self, your soul, so that others can feel complete, and in the process, your better half will give the same to you. The only thing we take in life is responsibility. Our responsibility to give.

Very rarely one can be amazed on how beautifully unique a wedding celebration can be, and it really does not hurt to have one, a few good will and a clear intention should do. Here’s one immaculately designed yet unique wedding celebration that can be inspiration to some of us. Click the picture below to read more.

cabel.name: On Wedding Design.