Writers write, photographers…

When you walk, sleep, eat & read thinking about photography, how to get it right, or how not to make mistake, you’re halfway onto becoming the inhabitant of the small photographer’s eco-system of the world.

Yes. It’s halfway, it’s not enough, not even close, so what’s next?


Yes. Shoot plenty.

Shoot like there’s no tomorrow, shoot like you’re a mad man, even though you have no idea what you’re doing, exactly. It doesn’t matter. Just shoot!

I heard a very famous inventor said about how he did not invent the lightbulb, rather than making thousands of bad ones and eventually making one that do not burst into pieces.

So forget about the world, the whole sentiment where people try to even compare you to someone else, you are you, and your vision is yours to have, to share & to shoot with.

Here’s an idea: What about forming yourself a group of 4, schedule a regular shoot-day and go out and make some plenty of pictures? That is exactly what 4 japanese friends of mine are doing. While they’re at it, they also form a joint blog and regularly post there. Isn’t it great?

So, just like what my friends said: Que Sera Sera–Whatever will be, will be. Just go out and shoot some photographs!

Just shoot

A photo blog: QUE SERA SERA

PS. A very dear friend of mine is having her birthday today. Have a sweet, splashy birthday!