Indonesia Unite

The news of yet another blasts in the Indonesian landscape broke within seconds. Thanks to Twitter the public got first hand experiences from a few Twitter users posting minute-by-minute update via their handheld devices.

The sentiments of these so called citizen journalists were revealing yet sympathetic, with expressions more than the 140-words limit can offer. Mainstream media, on the other hand, started pouring graphics and mediocre comments, blowing the reports out of proportion. It is reported that CNN kept coming back to those bad graphics and commentary that made a friend left the TV cold; I, on the other hand got updates from a stylist that I was working with on an out-of-town photo shoot while I finally sat down and watched Keira Knightley’s fantasy drama—ATONEMENT (brilliant movie, mediocre story).

With the world growing more chaotic by days, good journalism is at stake, I can no longer comment or give you any insight how bad it is since I stopped watching TV and my utter refusal to read bad news. (most good news don’t sell and badly written, bad news are rubbish). This is for those who embrace technology and make a good use of it. For you journalists & producers, wake up and smell the coffee.

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