Behind the scene: Wired’s ‘New Rules’ feature by Dan Winters

Not only they came up with some great photography with their current ‘New Rules‘ issue, Wired Magazine’s Creative Director, Scott Dadich shared some behind-the-scene details on working with Brad Pitt & Dan Winters:

The only thing he nixed was at the urinal shot, we wanted him to have his pants around his ankles, like a really crude, clueless guy who is so out of touch he doesn’t understand how to stand at a urinal. But he felt like that was too far, and I sort of agree. I like the subtler humor that we ended up with where there are three urinals and of course, he’s standing next to the guy on the left even though—according to man code—you’re supposed to keep an open urinal between each other

Wired to the new rules via Strobist