The Coming Attraction: Canon EOS 7D

Update: It’s confirmed

Rumor has been going on for months, but new materials have surfaced and are too elaborate to be fake. With some of my long time cry hopefully to be answered, if all are accurate, this will be one of that turnover moment people are eagerly waiting for.

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Canon EOS 7D.jpg

What to expect from Canon EOS 7D:
(direct translation from the posted description in Chinese Mandarin)

  • Approximately 18 Megapixel, APS-C CMOS Sensor (1.6x crop factor)
  • Dual Digic 4 with 14-bit Image Processing
  • Approximately 8fps (94 JPEG fine/15 RAW) burst buffer
  • All-new eight-directional double cross central AF point, total 19 cross AF points
  • ISO 100-6400 (Extendable to ISO 12800)
  • All-new 100% 1.0X magnification Viewfinder with three-dimensional electronic level display (yes!!!)
  • All-new iFCL intelligent metering system (calculates highlight & color)
  • 3.0″, 920K dots, 160 degrees of viewing angle with anti-glare High Resolution LCD display type II
  • Full HD capability, external stereo mic input & HDMI output
  • Live View with Face Priority AF
  • New Video/Live View button switch
  • Aero Dynamic Body Design, metal characteristic shutter sound up to 150.000 cycle
  • All-new 24mm built-in flash with EOS Intelligent Speedlite System (finally!!!!)
  • Highlight Priority Mode
  • Lens Vignette Control
  • More Picture Style
  • EOS Integrated Dust Reduction System


It’s a deal-breaker for some (myself included) to put another cropped sensor in otherwise an excellent machine; which would also suggest that the 7D will be just a prelude to more exciting cameras to come (5D Mark III? 3D?).

What will be the most surprising upgrade is the 100%, 1.0x viewfinder, for years, Canon only introduced this important feature to its 1-series cameras, and finally, what Nikon has put for years in most of their DSLR camera will finally emerge in Canon: Electronic viewfinder display assist.

On the other hand, what Canon introduced in the 90s which has become a standard feature today, Image Stabilization, finally saw the light of another innovation from the big brother (Canon invented the Optical IS). Rumored as the Hybrid IS, it is supposed to tackle a different kind of potential image blurring, I have no technical details for now except to say as much.

Finally, what photographers has been crying over the years, what Nikon has fought and won users, built-in wireless flash triggering system will finally be introduced in this supposedly new camera. Good bye ST-E2, Hello 7D!

Also expected is the new 100mm f/2.8L Macro with IS, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this release, but let’s hope Canon did come to their senses and start producing real DSLR upgrades in the future.

We have no confirmed release date or the price for this camera, let’s first see if the 7D is coming at all and find out what the fuss is all about.

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7D & 100 Macro Pictures via Canon Rumors