Shanghai Perspective

© Fritz Hoffman/National Geographic.

National Geographic is one of the few publications on earth that photographers & writers can drink and cheer about in the same room without getting into a fight.

Photographed by Fritz Hoffman, with words by Brook Lamer, the magazine’s March issue of ‘Shanghai Dream‘ caught my attention for its bold and unusual full double-spread feature photo; closeup shot of the cities’ three iconic architecture: The IFC Tower, Jin Mao Building and The Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The three construction wonders were topics of brainstorm, political debate and social gatherings even before the first brick was planted, my alma-mater, China’s Top Architecture School, Shanghai Tongji University were involved in the design, engineering even the construction of all three towers; I was a student when The Oriental TV Tower started construction, finished when I took a leave from school.

Nearly 10 years since I left Shanghai, it’s nice to see the three finally can stood together in one page from such an extraordinary point of view; and for the next couple of months during the World Expo 2010 — you can finally enjoy a clean, frozen state of construction-less Shanghai, a perfect time to visit this flamboyant city of constant changes.