Hard to come by

Some work get published, most aren’t. Some made it, most didn’t. For those who are passionate, strong & persistent enough will eventually makes it, one way or the other.

Time is not the X factor.

In extreme cases, some of us made it earlier than others; by made it, I’m talking about one person’s ability to deeply understand one subject of activity–like a hobby, spent a great deal of time walking, running, eating, sleeping & dreaming about it, and at some point of his life the eureka moment comes and he started excelling on it. Some shall made a big material fortune off it, but that one of a true artist, one that truly excels and ‘enlightened’ on that subject matter change other people’s live… sharing the knowledge while continue breathing & living with that path.

Money is not the X factor.

Joey L–as he prefers to be called, is that extreme case of this rare talent that touches people’s life while acquiring the greatest fortune of life money can’t buy — the knowledge & his path of love.

He is in his early twenties–as of this writing, with a body of work hard to come by at such a delicate age. He discovered his true passion early, picked up the tricks along the way and the world opens up to him. The work that follows are the product of his love, one that has a common quality of divinity, with beauty so profound that will create a universal bridge that takes us to his playground during that infinite seconds of witnessing beauty.

Passion is truth.

I am truly happy to have discovered him, I hope he touches your heart like he did mine. The image below will take you to a blog post where his select images are curated by the fine folks of The Graphic Exchange Project, but more treasure should be found at his personal website JoeyL.com and his Learn-from-Joey video series.

True beauty inspires. Those who knows how to listen shall learn & prosper.

© Joey Lawrence