Sublime Recognition


Long before the internet came around, before digital photography became a household necessity, there were a few publications that was always been there to show us the world. LIFE was one of them.

For the first time since Einstein’s passing in 1955, a series of unpublished photographs are revealed in a web only exclusive gallery, LIFE: “What Einstein Left Behind“:

What made LIFE different from others, and what made a photographer like Morse different from others is the real skill to observe, the ability to recognize that sublime truth and the willingness & persistence to pursuit it, Morse:

‘Forget this,’ I said, and headed over to the building where Einstein’s office was. On the way there, I stopped and bought a case of scotch. I knew people might be reluctant to talk to me, and I knew that most people were happy to accept a bottle of scotch instead of money if you offered it in exchange for their help. So, I get to the building and nobody’s there. I find the superintendent, give him a fifth of scotch, and he opens up Einstein’s office so I can take some photos.”

Often the most interesting angle is that of an uncommon one, the unperceivable truth that become obvious till the picture sees the day. Ralph Morse belongs to this rare group of a silent observer, those few who can recognize a potential and struck some great looking photographs unique to the others.

Einstein left behind a long-standing legacy, and LIFE’s Morse captured his world that he left behind for us, and the life that he once had and we never knew about.