Karate Kid Stills

Karate Kid by Jasin Boland

© Jasin Boland/FRONTLINE

The closing credit of Karate Kid caught my attention, instead of Jackie Chan’s signature bloopers, the credit was embedded with photographs of the cast members, the movie producers, and family members, noticably, Will & Jada Pinket Smith.

Unlike the official shots, the images were carefully curated and processed with a magazine-like approach, a subtle mix of toning, vignette, color & saturation adjustments applied, capturing and further uplifting the mood behind the scene of this authentically Filmed-in-China remake, it was friendly, personal and up-close selections that was more like a family slideshow rather than studio stills.

If anybody knows if the gallery is available somewhere, do let me know.

Update: Behind the Lens with Jasin (via Paul Cush Photography)