All You Need is Love

Beatles 1964

After Israel & Palestine, Apple Inc. v. Apple Records holds probably the longest ego fight in the modern history of human development, only this time, the Bible never mentioned that Newton’s favorite fruit — the sweet a-p-p-l-e that would inspire his lifelong obsession — would become the commercial names for some of the world’s biggest cultural cult icons today.

I’m pretty sure most of The Beatles are inside some, if not most of Beatles lover’s iPod, so this doesn’t change much, but it does signal something significant, it renders the manifestation of hope, of change, it reaffirms love as the fabric of our society, love as the real cultural fuel of progress, is that no matter how hard and long of a battle can be, love is all you need to resolve things.

This special section on has many photos & videos of The Beatles through the years in America, something that I don’t see very often, like the one shown above, it’s timeless.

On the other side of the wall, performers behind the immensely popular Cirque Du Soleil showman has been moving muscles & perfecting the moves for their next — you’ve guessed it — a beatles-themed show The Beatles LOVE. Dominic Champagne, writer, director & the original creator of the show explains:

“I wanted to create a Beatles experience rather than a Beatles story, taking the audience on an emotional journey rather than a chronological one, exploring the landscapes and experiences that have marked the group’s history.”

It doesn’t stop there, he has his eyes marked on every scene in the show, and this one for All You Need is Love caught my attention:

A montage of The Beatles projected on red Kabuki curtains that fills the audience with wonderful nostalgia and a message of LOVE.

Yes. Love is all you need.