Angkor Photo Festival

Passion, they say, moves the world, for one thing it helped moved the rocks from the mountains, and being shaped into the likes of the Angkor Wat, Borobudur, and many of the world’s oldest wonders.

If a vision is the manifestation of a person’s most sacred thought, what would happen if you bring some of the greatest talents & visionaries together in the deep settlement of an early civilization, an old city of ruins of The Angkor Wat.

Celebrated for the 6th year since 2005, this year’s Angkor Photo Festival is to commence this coming weekend through the weeks of November. The week-long celebration will feature more than 110 photographers from 47 countries with the great curatorial support from Yumi Goto, Antoine d’Agata, Françoise Callier and the Angkor Photo Festival team.

I am fortunate to be able to attend this year and It will be a long coming after years of passing hopes & opportunities. Now the time has come, I look forward to meet the colleagues that I never knew I had, and the friends that I have yet to know.

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