Greatness Inspires Greatness

Gandhi on Apple's Think Different Campaign. (Courtesy of Apple, Inc. © Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

It’s a simple truth that we often overlook, and it paints the picture clearly on the question ‘why everyone needs a role model?’. If I can paraphrase Marco Arment — who nails that excellent phrase — it’s not about big things at all, but details, details and details.

I was hesitant of linking to something slightly out of context, but what I’m about to share has a broader perspective than just a simple comment about a conference. Marco isn’t just a Webstock speaker who felt obliged to write something nice about the organizers because he was treated like a king, it’s also not about how great he — at the best possible command of written english — pays a tribute to his experience in New Zealand, and how they take coffee really seriously, but what I would like to bring your attention to is how simple people like you and me can make such an incredible impression on someone, that he/she is inspired to write about it and share it with the rest of us.

You don’t need to be a Webstock speaker to realize what it is all about. You don’t need to be a Gandhi, or an Einstein, or a Steve Jobs to inspire someone, you can just be yourself, so long as you pay that extra attention to everything you do. “Fill it with love and your fullest passion.” someone once said to me, and “Everything’s gonna be taken care of.”

Bigger things are made of small things. I can say this out loud, cause I myself have experienced it. I have witnessed a group of small people putting such formula to practice that in the end, they made the impossible happen, just with their own bare hands,

Put excellence to each and every bit of its DNA and you’ll find yourself being in the place that many have dreamt of going but only a few have arrived.