The Journey

Mt. Halimun National Park, West Java, Indonesia

  1. It’s all about the journey, the destination’s just a beautiful excuse.
  2. Planning will not get us there. Just go.
  3. It doesn’t matter how slow you go so long as you enjoy and never stop moving.
  4. Pack light: only take what’s necessary for the journey, the destination will take care of your needs.
  5. Comfort, money & time are always conflicting. Prioritise.
  6. Don’t slow others down, but don’t forget to stop once in a while to enjoy the view.
  7. Talk to people, but learn to listen. Give them your attention they will tell you the greatest stories.
  8. When things get too comfortable, move on to the next destination.
  9. Don’t look back, but never forget where you come from.
  10. Getting lost, or missing your train is when your real journey begins.