Elsa Holmgren by Hilda Randulv
© Hilda Randulv

How much work, do you think, it takes to excel at something? Plenty, right? We all know that. But how much effort one really needs to create a ‘career’ when you’re just starting out?

Plenty of time and really thick face.

‘Dreams’ is just one of Manik Nur haq‘s elaborate attempt to go from zero to hero. A very thoughtful one, I must say, for it elaborately not only create what looks like a photo book, but also to make it look like it has won an award of some sort.

And it doesn’t stop there. From Susan Core:

[…] She claims working for [sic]: Elle, Versace, FashionTV, SanFranciscoChronicle, MetropolitanMuseumOfArt, Ford Models, W Hotels Worldwide, Vanity Fair, Volkswagen USA, Leica Camera, Audi USA, Loreal, Land Rover USA, Artful Dodger, National Geographic, BMW USA, Vogue, Ford Motor Company, TOYOTA, Australian Geographic, ArtGalleryOfWesternAustralia & more…

Now, the whole thing might be just a coy, that perhaps someone has gotten angry and wants someone to pay back, or it is too young and unwise to know that it is wrong, or it is just simply a very clever sociopath that has nothing but free time and very, very thick face who thinks it has a rebootable life. But boy, look at how the internet, according to Google+ has reacted. By the time of this writing, it has been shared 626 times, commented 324 times, and plussed by 123 internet persons.

Perhaps you knew it all along, you couldn’t have picked a better title for your fictional award-winning photo book. ‘Dreams’ is really just a dream for you, and it will always be until you wake up and smell the coffee. Or perhaps, Manik, your parents knew it too by picking a name that mirrors your disturbing tendency?

If you, Manik, somehow gets to read this: make better use of your time. You may get away winning the jobs from the people you manipulate, but know that you have gained nothing real. It’s never too late to stop and make amends.