14 June 2015
Reality, Realized? sony.net

We are now using portfolio.id as our main site address, running a faster, better Cloud-based server solution from Dewaweb.

28 June 2014
Apple stops development of Aperture loopinsight.com


Chuq Von Rospach:

The writing is on the wall, and has been since before Aperture 3 shipped: Aperture isn’t a priority, it’s not a battle ground where Apple is fighting to own the market, and it’s slowly wandering into obscurity and irrelevance. And if you depend on your tool and workflow to turn out the best possible images, then Aperture is no longer the solution. It’s not for pros or serious amateurs any longer, it’s for people who’ve outgrown iPhoto.

I have, very slowly, started using LR4 on my side projects. Though I have not fully trained myself to unleash the power, but it has shown promising result in my final image quality.

But the subtler look & feel that I have managed to achieve with Aperture over the years aren’t that easy to be recreated in LR4; even when I have decided not to recreate, but fully adapt to LR and let it develop a brand new look & feel, I could never be happy with the results that I’m getting.

If there’s a time where I can call it a switch, it would be this time: If there’s no new announcement regarding Aperture at the WWDC Keynote later today, LR will be replacing that lens icon on my dock.