Meet the Yolkers

update: they responded, see below.

It works.

Seems that the rule of nature also applies to our industry; we have to speak up more in order for things to materialize, at least for now.

We have many surprises this year, RED continues to develop new technologies, Leica strikes back & Canon and Nikon are busy in their kitchen crafting some upcoming DSLR sensations, and a small company down in California has reinvented the way to share photo & videos from everywhere to the world wide web.

And now this.

A 2-person, Swiss-based have caused a momentary jaw-dropping sensation as I sipped my coffee this morning, I simply couldn’t believe what I saw; another one?

Immediately fired up google, several countries of search later I still couldn’t find more details about this eye-candy beast except the five photos they posted on an empty Picasa Web Album, so with a little courage and a wishful-thinking mind, I fired up my mail and hit the send button to the two souls’ email address they feature on their extremely minimalistic 1-paged website.

I can only wait for now. Wait for the rain to fall, hoping somehow the wind will blow and kick some eureka moment for the two to actually respond to my mail and let the world know about their little project. (they did! see below)

For now I don’t have anything but a question:

Will they come in a wood finish?

Here’s what they have for now.

Signing off with ‘I need a cup of coffee :-)’, David forwarded me some details they posted on the RED User forum, it mostly are tech garbles that even I have difficulties understanding, what I can tell you is:

  • They’ve been working on it for at least the last 2.5 years, and yes it’s a digital cinema camera, not video capable DSLR.
  • It’s a modular digital cinema camera that is yet to find its true soul & identity, its god is still busy figuring out what to put inside.
  • It uses an Altasens 2/3″ sensor and an Aaton viewfinder, and will have some quad core board to empower their next prototype.
  • They expect to debut a prototype at the Designmeile 2009 show, if they’re not ready they’ll exhibit broccoli soup instead.
  • The final product will be sold with a different look–like most prototypes.
  • They have started development for their next prototype, the Y4. (Y3 is a trademark owned by Yamamoto, so they have to pass.)
  • It’ll manifest as an S35 camera with an optical viewfinder priced between a RED Epic and the new ARRI camera line.

Stay tuned for more (surprises!) and I’ll let the man have his coffee now.