To Whom It May Concern

Software Development Group of: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Phase One, Olympus & [Insert camera make here].

Developers of: Photo Mechanic, Expression Media (Née iView Multimedia), Adobe Bridge & [Insert talented imaging expert/future programmer here]

Aperture Team.

To whom it may concern:

The time has come that the desktop/laptop space have been challenged by the 3rd kind, the you-know-what, by the you-know-who, the-so-called tablet of the future of computing.

We, imaging professionals/shutterbugs, are in dire need of a magic bullet that can simplify our imaging workflow, and that you-know-what by the you-know-who device has been proven to be the magic pistol by its growing numbers of acceptance, as well as its limited number of supplies, and yet, the magic bullet app — you know the one that does:
photo review, approval/rejection, rating, annotation, generates contact sheet, send PDF to recipients (simple review website export don’t hurt), sync catalog/selection to the (we desperately hope) soon-to-be-announced app & its desktop client… most importantly one that is simple and doesn’t suck and doesn’t crash in front of jaw-dropped-by-our-magic-bullet-app clients — is nowhere to be found.

The time has come that you show the world that you are — in fact — are talented, smart &
rake profits for reasons none other than innovating to the edge of our mankind and are capable of understanding the basic moral of business ethics that is to innovate & serve the customers well after charging us — the poor customers — a hefty price for things that we dream all the time, but rarely fulfilled by smart & busy business people like you.

Especially to Apple’s Aperture Team; the Pages, Keynote & Numbers have been ported on its 2nd sub-version to the you-know-what’s iStore, but we have yet to detect any radar movement, that you have even the slightest intention of porting/making Aperture Remote or whatever i-Thing you tend to name it, we don’t care so long as it does what it does in a way that the you-know-what was designed for.

If you think we make no sense here, something is wrong with you, if you think you can do better than what we suggested here, give yourselves a shot, and we shall praise you till you hear the thunder roared up in the sky.

Sincerely & signed.