Cassini’s Space Camera


The image you see above is a processed press image captured by the Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS):

The Cassini Imaging Science System was specifically designed for exploring the Saturn system, and includes spectral filters and imaging capabilities for a multitude of scientific objectives, including capturing lightning, investigating the three dimensional cloud structure and meteorology of the Saturn and Titan atmospheres

The imaging system consists of a wide-angle (200mm) and a telephoto (2000mm) subsets, each giving us a .35 degrees, and 3.5 degrees respectively. Powered with a 1 megapixel (1024×1024, 12 micron) CCD sensor, coupled with the special filters, the cameras are designed to capture at the highest dynamic range & lowest noise possible — thus the large pixel pitch and the relatively low number of pixels.

The image will take you to The Big Picture’s brilliant selections of the press images, while NASA has a 3-D overview of the Equinox Mission Cassini space shuttle.