Photokina, the photographers and the imaging industry’s State of the Union is near and looks like there’s going to be some shift in how the game is going to be played next.

Canon’s S90 & the G11 have attested to the image-quality-is-everything theory, and once again have reaffirm Canon’s commitment with their new gears, the S95, G12 and the next king to their 1Ds Kinghood, the Mark IV and the 1D Mark V.

Interestingly, “something hybrid” is expected to make some big splash at the September opening of the show; with the increasing interest in HD-DSLR filmmaking and innovation, I wouldn’t be surprised if movie recording will be a standard feature on every SLR just like how cameras are on your mobile phones.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if nothing interesting will come, though, it is only a camera, after all.