Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967–2014)

Oscar-winning actor/director Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46,  posed for Victoria Will during his last public appearance at the Sundance Film weeks prior to his tragic passing.

Oscar-winning actor/director Philip Seymour Hoffman—©Victoria Will.

Mike & I disagree in many topics — which often includes our liking of particular photographic products — except for this brilliant tintype print, he literally picked the words out of my mind, in particular, this part:

The picture cuts to the resignation of a human being overwhelmed by addiction, such that it’s almost more a portrait of that than it is a portrait of the person. I interpret it as the look of someone who thought he had won his fight against the wolf of addiction but who suddenly finds himself right back in the battle again, as deeply as ever.

Rest in peace, Philip. (via The Online Photographer)